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Below are just a few of the features and benefits which our customer's enjoy from our tanks. Don't just take our word for it though, to see how these benefits pan out in the real world, take a look at our Adblue® case study.


Double-skin, fully bunded tank with bund space/gap for impact protection.

If the tank is damaged externally, the inner tank holding the fuel, is protected, preventing environmental accident

Tank manufactured generally to BS799-5:2010 Type J, (Oil burning equipment)

Complies with the British standard

To recommendations made in The Control of Pollution (Oil Storage) (Regulations) (2001 PPG2 – 2011)

Complies with environmental law

ISO 9001:2008, certificate number, FM559430

Complies with quality management standard

Lockable security cabinet

Fuel supply and equipment protected from the environment. Helps prevent from theft and vandalism 

Will fit to customer footprint.

Space saving.

Fully transportable.

Can be transported to other sites (if empty)

Removable drip tray.

Ease of cleaning and emptying.

Compliant manway.

Good spacious access into tank.

Tank strengtheners 40 x 40 x 3 RSA.

Giving tanks internal rigidity.

Domed roof.

Stops moisture collection and pooling of water on top of tank

Fully painted runners and tank base.
Prevents corrosion giving better longevity.

Only high quality steels used with full certification and traceability.

A better quality tank.

Tank, bund and pipe work are air pressure and visually tested to 0.4 PSI.

No leaks.

Quality primer and paint

Better longevity and low maintenance costs.

Paint choices: colour, specialist for internal and external.

Longer protection from corrosion and corporate colours can be requested

Pump stool and ancillary equipment plates
Labour saving on site

What else can we offer?
When you add to the above our wide range of accessories, UK delivery and installation service, and colour choice combined with our ability to build customer designed tanks, we think you will find that a tank from Simon Engineering offers nothing other than benefits!